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Tainted Minds Player Profiles

Tainted Minds had a rough start to the season, but after powering up through League Play, they reached peak form for the finals. With fast-paced action packed play, and dizzying team passes, they were able to secure their return to the world stage, where they’ll be looking to show what they’ve learnt.


We had each of the players fill out a small profile about themselves and each other, check out the answers!


Cameron “CJCJ” Johns


Location: Tasmania, Australia
Age: 19
Started Playing Rocket League: Release day
Hobbies/Interests: Sarcas, Chess, bubble wrap and predicting when the toaster will pop-up.
Favourite Food: Brussel sprouts.
Fun fact about you: I can defuse a microwave on zero seconds without it beeping

Rocket League/RLCS Goal: Win a single game

Strength as a team: We like to play really slow and absorb pressure.

Strength as a player: Open nets, fast gamer and and gets all the boost, shooting, solo plays, “nil weaknesses” - CJCJ

How far do you predict you’ll go this World Championship: I think we’ll definitely make it to London but might struggle to get back home.

Tom “Julz” Jullienne


Location: I'm a Sydney, Australia gamer
Age: 18
Started Playing Rocket League: idk exact date, but it was like 3 years ago from now.
Hobbies/Interests: Tennis and piano
Favourite Food: Pineapple Pizza @drippayrl
Fun fact about you: I'm doing a science based uni degree whilst not doing any sciences in High School

Rocket League Goal: To be on a top team in the world and do well consistently in every tournament.

Strength as a team: Fast, Passing, not being bad

Strength as a player: can hit the ball

Weakness as a player: slow gamer and always tilted

CJCJ’s Strength(s): fast gamer and and gets all the boost

Kamii’s Strength(s): mechanical gamer

How far do you predict you’ll go this World Championship: IDK, depends on how well we play. we'll have to wait and see

Cameron “Kamii” Ingram


Location: New Zealand
Age: 17
Started Playing Rocket League: Start of March 2016
Hobbies/Interests: Football and IT
Favourite Food: Sushi
Fun fact about you: The first time i was able to travel out of NZ was through Rocket League

Rocket League/RLCS Goal(s): My original goal before I was in the competitive scene was to make RLCS but now I've made it my goal to show the other teams what we're made of.

Strength as a team: Passing/Aerial Plays

Strength as a player: Being Fast in the Air and Passing, mechanical gamer, “Nil” - CJCJ

How far do you predict you’ll go this World Championship: We will at least get to the top 8

Tainted Minds will be live over on https://www.twitch.tv/RocketLeague on June 9th 1AM AEST for their first game against Complexity Gaming!