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Rocket League OCE Open Series

The off-season is over! Throwdown Esports is entering 2018 with the Rocket League OCE Open Series. A professional level tournament with $15,000 in prizes and a fast paced format to give OCE teams the opportunity to practice and compete before the next Championship begins.

Broadcast live on Twitch.tv/ThrowdownTV


Three teams have been invited straight into the OCE Open Series league, these were the teams who performed exceptionally in the last OCE Championship, and made it to the PAX Finals. There are still 5 slots remaining from the Open Qualifier!



The Open Series is going bigger with a $15,000 prize pool. In the spirit of Throwdown Esports, all 8 teams that qualify will receive a share of the winnings.



The OCE Open Series will be played over three stages starting with the Open Qualifier. Those who make it will play in 4 days of Round Robin play, with Series of 3 games. Whoever wins the most games will qualify into a top 6 team Gauntlet Finals, where any team can make the run.



The OCE Open Series will be broadcast live on Twitch.tv/ThrowdownTV.

View the full OCE Open Series rules