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Rocket League OCE Championship Season 2

It was the biggest news for OCE Rocket League players and fans ever. The RLCS World Championship was coming to Oceania, and your path to RLCS was through the Throwdown Rocket League OCE Championship.



A record breaking 106 teams signed up for the Open Qualifier, but at the end of the day, only 8 teams could make it through. These first teams forging their way into history would be:

  • Alpha Sydney (Drippay, Jake, Torsos)
  • JAM Gaming (Express, Bango, Montyconnor)
  • Sand Castle (SnarfSnarf, aoe_emp, Dumbo)
  • 1More (cyrix, ellusive, shadey)
  • Scylla Esports (Daisu, CJM, Outlast)
  • Masterminds (Kamii, Nerd, Reqiuem)
  • Corvidae (Plitz, Daze, Siki)
  • Legacy Esports (GroovyGrape, SOMA, eren)

After a tough 4 weeks of round robin only Alpha Sydney, JAM Gaming, Sand Castle and 1More would survive to make the top 4 Live Finals at Max Watt's



It would be an incredibly tight competition, with JAM Gaming defeating 1More in game 5 overtime, and Alpha Sydney taking down Sand Castle in Game 7 overtime. Despite being down early, JAM Gaming were able to come back strong, and joined the champions Alpha Sydney to be the second team going to the World Championship.

Once they made it there, Alpha Sydney were able to get Oceania's first win on the international stage, taking down Denial Esports. Both JAM Gaming and Alpha Sydney would fall to The Leftovers, who ended up coming 4th in the competition.