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Rocket League Challenge Season 3 - Week 4 Recap

Week 4 Recap

One last week of League Play is left, and only 4 teams could make it to the Gauntlet Finals. With JAM Gaming and Pale Horse showing incredible performances across the League so far, it would be up to both Billy Fan Club and The Other Team to topple them and take their positions at the top. Meanwhile Scylla and Legacy need to end the day on a hard fought win just to get in. In the final week, we knew that every single game counted, and a 3 - 0 is better than a 3 - 2 by a large margin.

Match 1: Pale Horse eSports vs The Other Team

Pale Horse have been the cinderella story of Season 3, coming from the community qualifier all the way to the top of the ladder. Winning this means they guarantee a top 2 position on the ladder, but The Other Team can't let them win. A win for The Other Team means they guarantee top 4 placement, and allows them to take their recent momentum into the finals. This series was so close fought, with both teams trading blows. After The Other Team were up 2 - 1, Julz from Pale Horse eSports turned on the NOS, and drove the series home for Pale Horse Esports in game 5. The Other Team now needed to watch the other games in anticipation of the results knowing they could be eliminated if things didn't go their way.

Match 2: Billy Fan Club vs JAM Gaming

The quintessential rivalry in Oceania, BFC and JAM Gaming see the rematch of Season 1 and Season 2 Grand Finals, and JAM Gaming need to win to prove that they are capable of taking down the titans, and to secure first seed in the Gauntlet. Billy Fan Club at this point know that a win puts them at second place going in, and a loss has the potential to knock them out. Counter to the past, JAM Gaming came out of the gates flying, and managed to take down Billy Fan Club in a quick 3 - 1, showing that they truly are the best team in OCE and securing 1st seed next week.

Match 3: Legacy eSports vs Scylla Esports

Two teams both looking to pick up their results after some rough results earlier in the tournament. The loser is last place, the winner wins at least $300. Scylla needed to win to qualify for the finals, and they were here to prove themselves. The fire under their belly was obvious, coming out of the gate they scored goal after goal against a Legacy eSports that seemed desparate to get out of their own defense. Game 2 saw an amazing display in which Legacy didn't register a single shot on goal, and leading into game 3, they had not yet scored a goal. While Scylla took out the series 3 - 0 and secured a finals berth to the detriment of The Other Team, Legacy eSports were able to secure a goal in the biggest moral victory of the day.

Top players

MVP, as voted by the Throwdown casters: Julz

MVP as voted by the Community: shadey

Highest Goalscorer Scylla Esports Dumbo 2.00 Goals/G
Best Playmaker Pale Horse eSports Kamii 1.40 Assists/G
Strongest Goalkeeper Legacy eSports Plitz. 2.00 Saves/G
Most accurate JAM Gaming Express 60.0% Accuracy
Most accurate Pale Horse eSports Kamii 60.0% Accuracy