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Rocket League Challenge Season 1

The inaugural season of Throwdown would spark a great year for the Oceanic Region. The biggest tournament yet with $9,000 in prizes, and flights/accomodation provided to teams that made the top 4 finals at Max Watt's Sydney.



68 Unique Teams competed over the season, with 3 Open Qualifiers, a top 16 Playoffs, and then a top 4 Live Finals! There were plenty of upsets, tight matches, and overtimes, but the four teams that made the finals would be Alpha Sydney, JAM Gaming, Athletico, and 1More.



The action kicked off to 100's of fans in the audience, and the crowd was going wild with each goal. Alpha Sydney were able to defeat 1More, while JAM Gaming knocked down Athletico. Athletico would pick themselves up to take down 1More for a third place finish, and Alpha Sydney and JAM would proceed to the grand final.



It would be the battle of titans, with two of the most dominant teams in the region going head to head. While JAM Gaming (SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor, Bango) would go up 3 - 1 in the best of 7, Alpha Sydney (Drippay, Jake, Torsos) brought it back to take out the series 4 - 3 and become the first even Throwdown Champions