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Pre-Finals Interview: Tainted Mind's Julz

The OCE Championship has proven to house some of the best Rocket League Talent in Oceania. Coming up to the Top 4 Finals this Sunday, we wanted to see how the players were feeling on the eve of such an important event.

Tainted Minds have proven to be a powerhouse of a team and with the new addition of Julz, we realised it was time to sit him down and break bread.

What are your goals as a Rocket League Player right now?

For me, my biggest goal as a Rocket league player would be to attend an international tournament (like RLCS) with the world's best teams. I really want to experience the feeling of being on the world stage and getting to play against players I've looked up to for so long.

What has it been like joining Tainted Minds in core roster alongside two players who have been international?

Being brought up into the core position from Substitute on Tainted Minds I will admit was very difficult at first. As we were considered the 2nd best team in Oceania, There was a lot of pressure on me to perform which led to some self-confidence issues. However having teammates as experienced as CJ and Kamii really has been an unbelievable opportunity for me. As not only have they made my transition into the team a whole lot easier but they've helped me grow into a much more confident and all-round solid player that I am today.

What have you learnt this season?

Throughout the Throwdown season, I've learnt a lot about what it takes to be on a top team. Most importantly though, I've learnt to stay confident and resilient even when there is little hope of winning. I think this is very evident when comparing my very first and last Games of Throwdown S5, against JAM gaming and Retirement Home respectively. In my debut match, I was playing poorly against a much better performing JAM side, and I lost all confidence in my ability leading to our loss. However against Retirement home, I definitely picked up my performance against them in the second half of the series when we were losing 1-3 (in games and in the series) eventually allowing us to comeback to win 4-3.

How do you think you'll go if you make it to the RLCS World Championship?

This is a very tough question as although OCE teams have improved immensely since last RLCS, so have the other international teams. If we do make it to RLCS we will play either Evil Geniuses or Complexity Gaming which are both very experienced and strong rocket league teams. However I believe that, when playing at our best, we are a very strong team as well and so I think that we can beat them or at least make the series close. Obviously though, Due to lack of international LAN experience we will probably not get any higher than 7/8th place.

What are your chances against Chiefs in the first series?

Chiefs are undoubtedly, a top 10 team in the world and they show it, but that doesn't mean they are unbeatable. Recently, whenever we (Tainted Minds) have played the chiefs the series score always looked one sided. However the individual games have always been very close and it’s been awhile since we played each other. Especially since we've improved a lot as a team throughout the season, I wouldn't be surprised if the series is a close one. So I most definitely wouldn't count us out of the first series at all.

The OCE Championship Top 4 Finals begin this Sunday at 12 PM AEST, where two teams will secure their position to the World Championship & face off in the Grand Finals for seeding and the Championship Title.