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Pre-Finals Interview: Legacy's Delusion

The OCE Championship has proven to house some of the best Rocket League Talent in Oceania. Coming up to the Top 4 Finals this Sunday, we wanted to see how the players were feeling on the eve of such an important event.

After such an impressive season, we caught up with Delusion to see how eager he was coming up to the Championship Finals this weekend.

It's your first season in the OCE Championship, how do you feel you went?

I was very excited coming into this league play, as I've always watched all the other players do it, and in fact I was a bit too excited and was very nervous throughout every match. I feel like I could do a lot better once I learn how to handle myself, but I'm very proud of how far I've come and some of the goals I scored.

How did it feel getting picked up by Legacy Esports?

Getting picked up by a proper esports org was really a rush of excitement and wonder for me and my family. My mother gloated to all her friends on how her son was a 'pro gamer,' and I was beside myself playing for the org I watched dominate the scene in the early stages of OCE Rocket League. It's felt like a dream being a part of all the action, and I look forward to further working with everyone in Legacy.

What are your goals in the finals and in Rocket League?

I don't really have many goals in Rocket League, but I love the feeling of scoring on stream! Of course, I naturally would dream of going to RLCS with Legacy and meeting all the players I watched on my phone at 1 AM in the morning. Being in such close contact with the thought still makes me very excited to compete on Sunday and I hope to live up to everyones expectations.

As a younger player, do you have any plans for how you'll use the prize money?

I'm naturally reluctant about money, so I'll most likely be putting the prize money straight into my savings account (very boring). However it may end up getting spent on some loose UberEats late on a Saturday Night!

If you qualify for RLCS, how do you think Legacy will go?

The thought of qualifying for RLCS is becoming very real, and I think just making it would be a huge achievement. However in terms of how we'll go, I think we'll struggle against the pace of NA and EU, and will have to rapidly adapt to it. I can see us taking a game or two, and maybe a series, but realistically I would be beyond happy to just make it and learn about how the other regions play.

After losing in your last face-off How will it go against Dark Sided in round 1?

Since the face-off against Dark Sided, I've been studying how they play, and it's really a testament to how much they've improved and how hard working they are. I believe round 1 will be a much closer battle, and I'll be focusing on just taking it one game at a time.

Any last comments about your teammates?

I think cyrix and siki are still worlds above me, and I'm very grateful that they took me under their wing :)

The OCE Championship Top 4 Finals begin this Sunday at 12 PM AEST, where two teams will secure their position to the World Championship & face off in the Grand Finals for seeding and the Championship Title.