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Pre-Finals Interview: Darksided's Shadey

The OCE Championship has proven to house some of the best Rocket League Talent in Oceania. Coming up to the Top 4 Finals this Sunday, we wanted to see how the players were feeling on the eve of such an important event.

With Darksided lurking around another OCE Championship, we figured it was time to talk to Shadey and get his thoughts surrounding another Finals.

What are your goals as a Rocket League Player?

Competing and performing well at RLCS. Consistently finding ways to push myself and my team further.

How confident are you moving into the finals? What about your Match against Legacy?

I am quietly confident moving into the finals as I know that we have the ability to qualify for worlds. If we are focused and make minimal mistakes on game day the match against Legacy isn't something that we're necessarily worried about.

How have you felt about the addition of Dumbo this season, over last season?

Dumbo has been a great addition to the team, he has exceptional drive and motivation which has made it very easy to develop the play style we wanted this year. Last season I didn't feel as much of a threat as I do this season.

If you make it to RLCS, how do you think you'll go?

If we were to make RLCS I'm sure we'd be able to make good use of our time and improve as quickly as we can to match the international competition and give them a run for their money.

What do you think is the biggest strength of Dark Sided?

Our structure.

After losing to Chiefs in a close series in League Play, do you think you'll be able to take them down this weekend?

It all depends if we just roll over and let them win or not. But I'm confident we have the ability to compete with them.

The OCE Championship Top 4 Finals begin this Sunday at 12 PM AEST, where two teams will secure their position to the World Championship & face off in the Grand Finals for seeding and the Championship Title.