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Pre-Finals Interview: Chief's Drippay

The OCE Championship has proven to house some of the best Rocket League Talent in Oceania. Coming up to the Top 4 Finals this Sunday, we wanted to see how the players were feeling on the eve of such an important event.

We caught up with Chief's Drippay to see his thoughts moving into yet another Championship Final.

You've had a stellar season, what have you been focusing on to become such a top player?

The main thing I have been focusing on this season is my consistency. I have put a lot of work in individually every day to make sure I am at the top of my game each week. This improvement in my gameplay has really helped our success as a team and my success individually.

How confident are you in the finals this weekend?

I am confident coming into the finals this weekend and so is my team. Winning the finals is a must for us and we have put the work in to achieve that.

Which other team has the best chances of making it to RLCS?

In my opinion, legacy is the best team below us, so I would expect them to make it through. However, we have 4 strong teams at the top this season, so it will be a hard fight to get there.

What are your goals as a player?

My main goal as a player is to make sure that I never get complacent and always try to improve, whether that be my own gameplay or being the best teammate, I can be.

If you go to RLCS, how well do you think you'll go?

The gap between us and NA/EU is definitely getting much smaller. If we make RLCS again and perform to our standard we can make a big run for sure.

Are there any RLCS Teams you want to avoid? Any team that you'd prefer to face?

This time around I don’t think there is really any team we want to avoid, more so teams we prefer to face. One of them being EG, we really want that 1st seed for OCE so we can face EG, as we are confident we can beat them.

What about Gale Force, are you worried about them if you beat EG?

We aren't worried as much about Gale Force because most of the teams are really close this season, also beating Gale Force would put us in a great position in the bracket.

The OCE Championship Top 4 Finals begin this Sunday at 12 PM AEST, where two teams will secure their position to the World Championship & face off in the Grand Finals for seeding and the Championship Title.