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The last chance for Oceanic Teams

It’s the biggest season yet. With $1,000,000 USD in the RLCS kitty, and $50,000 of that reserved directly for the Oceanic teams. With so much on the line, we’re expecting a season where the nerves are higher than ever, with a burgeoning set of talented teams, and some entertaining matches across the next 7 weeks.

Last week the first ever Group Stage Qualifier commenced. 4.5 grueling hours of Round Robin best of 5’s, it wasn’t just a test of skill, but a test of endurance, and it sent 4 of our most experienced teams straight into League Play. But, there were a few upsets along the way. Downloadable Content took the first place spot over one of the tournament favourites, Tainted Minds. Order, in their first showing, were the only team to make the run undefeated, and Justice Esports were able to take an upset win over last season’s League Play #2 team, Legacy Esports.

The next 4 teams from each pool move into the pressure cooker of the Play In. Only 3 League Play spots left, and we’re guaranteed a slew of rookies entering the top of OCE, with Chimpwits being the only team in the Play In with three previous League Play players. This should be interesting…

Speaking of Chimpwits, they seem to be a big surprise factor this season, with Legacy Star Delusion joined by Decka and Requiem. They’re going to have a lot of laughs and play well while doing so. Pneumonoultra managed to sneak the 3 - 2 victory against Chimpwits, and that goes to show that team cohesion pays off as the now longest standing trio in OCE. They’ve been dominating the bubble for over 6 months but keep falling short of the top teams.

Joining them are Cooking with Outlast, three seasons later Daisu and Outlast have reformed from their RLCS Season 3 outing together, they look to be in a good spot to return. Da Girlz are in a similar situation with DAMO and Thelulz having played together for quite some time, and they’re joined by Season 4 veteran, Hectic. They struggled in the Group Stage Qualifiers, coming away with just 2 wins, so will need to have a huge performance this weekend if they want to qualify.

Joining from Pool 2, Team Cryptik has formed from the ashes of Love Decks and while only Addzey remains of that team, Avant Gaming’s Sammy has joined with solid potential from Curto for their run. Justice Esports have shown that they’re a team with plenty of ups and downs, taking some hard losses, but bringing their group stage back with a win over Legacy. Le Bois keep their Cinderella story alive coming from 44th seed; they’re still pushing through the qualifiers and are just one step away after beating Island, the team led by World Championship veteran Bango that needs to rise like the phoenix.

This Sunday is not just the debut of many of these Oceanic players, but former Chief’s captain Jake will be making his debut on the analyst desk. It should be a great weekend, so don’t miss out.

Watch live on Twitch, Sunday 10AM AEST (Sat 5PM PDT)