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Oceania on the road to RLCS: The Open Qualifier

This Sunday marks the third time that Oceania strives for Rocket League glory in the RLCS World Championship. And third time’s the charm for the small region, tucked away in the corner of the globe, with sister countries Australia and New Zealand accounting for almost all participants. While experiencing some limited success in 2017, the players are now reaching for the stars and hoping to be able to take down the NA and EU titans that have dominated Rocket League since its inception. But, before you chase the dreams of going international, first you must qualify for the Throwdown OCE Championship.

The Open Qualifiers kick off this Sunday at 11AM AEDT. Players will range in experience from those playing their first ever tournament, those entering to have a bit of fun, all the way up to contracted professionals such as Darksided and Legacy Esports. If you’re from the Oceanic region, you can sign up a team of 3 at http://bit.ly/RLOC-Signup, no matter what your skill level. For those not participating, sit back, relax, and watch as the live broadcast begins at 12PM AEDT.


Qualifiers are some of the most stressful time for players. Players who want to be prepared, get up early, have a good breakfast, and practice before the matches. That still won’t be enough to alleviate the nerves of many teams, having only two chances to get through the Best of 5, Double elimination Open Qualifier. Only 16 teams will remain at the end of day 1, to proceed to day 2 the following weekend. The second Sunday gets even more difficult, where only 6 teams will remain the victor and qualify for the 5 week long Throwdown OCE Championship League Play, and the entrance into professional OCE Rocket League.

Sign ups close tonight at 11.59PM AEDT, which means that the final bracket will be released on Saturday at https://smash.gg/trloc2018/events/rocket-league-3v3/. Players will organise their matches through the site, and you can follow closely along to see how your favourite teams are progressing. It should take about 5 hours for the bracket to finish, depending on the number of teams that enter.


The questions remain, who will have the stamina and skill to make it through? Will we see a team make a long lower bracket run despite the odds? And will this be Oceania’s season to take the World Championship by Storm?

  • David “yumi_cheeseman” Lane, Mar 3 2018