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Oceania approaches the Championship Play-in

Oceania, North America and Europe will be waiting with anticipation for the weekend, where each region finds out who will find Rocket League glory by earning a League Play spot. Tomorrow, for Oceania, the stakes are highest, with a final chance for these teams to get straight into the top division, and be in contention for an international berth.

Last Sunday, we saw the region whittled down to a mere 16 teams. A day of celebration of the new season, and the chance for some teams to climb higher than ever expected. While we did see many of our top teams from the OCE Open Series make quick runs through the upper bracket, the day was also full of upsets. Yeah Right (Scarth, Jelly, Synisc) created one of the biggest upsets over Legs are Silly, previous OCE Championship team, Noizee isn’t toxic reformed to knock down Retirement Home, and even Weasel Mafia took down a long term rival in Pneumonoultra.


The teams remaining will now be under incredible pressure, where it is do or die. Succeed and be entered into OCE Rocket League history, or fail and have to wait for the next RLCS season on the sidelines. Throwdown asked the analysts who they think will be going through to League Play, here are their predictions on Sunday’s matches:

yumi Courier Wolfeeyyy Hysterics
LD vs Simple Phys LD 3 - 1 SP 3 - 2 LD 3 - 1 LD 3 - 1
Legacy vs Yeah Right LGC 3 - 0 LGC 3 - 1 LGC 3 - 1 LGC 3 - 2
JAM vs Noizee JAM 3 - 1 NOIZ 3 - 2 NOIZ 3 - 2 JAM 3 - 0
DS vs Weasel Maf DS 3 - 0 DS 3 - 0 DS 3 - 0 DS 3 - 0
Lower Bracket 1 Retirement Love Decks Retirement Retirement
Lower Bracket 2 Noizee JAM Legs are Silly Noizee
Dark Horse Vertical Bar Retirement Weasel Mafia PneumonoUltra

All of the analysts projected that Dark Sided will take the match cleanly, and that Legacy will also proceed, but there is staunch disagreement regarding the rest of the teams in the upper bracket. In the end though, the expected results will see 5 out of the 6 available OCE Open Series teams making a return for the OCE Championship.

Courier is the only analyst to predict that Simple Physics will go through, and the only one to believe that Retirement home will not quite make it. However, with the number of upsets that have already happened this season, it is difficult to tell who will be able to rise to the challenge!


Find out tomorrow, who makes League Play, and who goes home empty handed. Follow the bracket, and watch the broadcast live at Twitch.tv/ThrowdownTV starting at 11AM AEDT/4PM PST.