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OCE League Play: The Storylines of the Teams

We’re heading into Week 2 of League Play, and it’s time to catch up with the teams and players as they enter the meat of the competition. This season, the teams are closer than ever, and it feels like any team can make the finals. The Chiefs, two time world championship team are still looking to go back, but there are teams nipping right at their ankles.

Chiefs ESC (Drippay Jake Torsos)

The longest standing trio in the world have returned from the RLCS World Championship and ELeague, where the Chiefs were able to take victories from powerhouse American teams, NRG and Ghost. Despite their successes, they were not satisfied, Chiefs are looking for nothing short of domination, with their sights at the top of the World Championship bracket, but first they need to qualify.

Tainted Minds (CJCJ Julz Kamii)

Tainted Minds (formerly Pale Horse) came out of nowhere last year to qualify for the World Championship, but the untested team were not able to have the performance they dreamed of internationally. This season, with experience under their belt and a new roster with Julz, they’re looking to go back and show the world they can perform. In week 1, Tainted Minds hit a bump on the road to RLCS with a 0 - 3 loss to JAM Gaming, this week we will be keeping a close eye on Tainted Minds to see if they can recover.

Dark Sided (Dumbo Express shadey)

A new organisation and a new drive to make the World Championship, Dark Sided will do whatever it takes to reach the top. They’ve picked up Dumbo, a player who was 1 goal away from qualifying for RLCS, while Express is desparate to go back. Dark Sided consistently have great performances during League Play, but they’ll be looking to really step it up come finals.

Legacy Esports (cyrix Delusion Siki)

Coming in hot this season, Legacy Esports look to be the team to join the top teams of the region. We’ve seen cyrix have heartbreak after heartbreak in the past as he’s made it close to the top, but never being able to reach his dreams. The addition of the rookie Delusion to the roster has proven to be a fantastic move, and Delusion may become one of the top players across the region.

JAM Gaming (Bango Decka Walcott)

A brand new roster, JAM Gaming didn’t have the greatest off-season, but may be stepping up when it counts. With returning World Championship player Bango finishing his hiaitus, and Rookie of 2017 Walcott nabbing the enigmatic Decka, they were able to take a 3 - 0 victory from Tainted Minds in week 1. This was a landmark occassion, and raised questions around the region’s expectations, and this week JAM Gaming could really shake it up with matches against Dark Sided and Chiefs.

Love Decks(Addzey CJM Montyconnor)

The all New Zealand Love Decks have formed together as a rag tag trio, left from the destruction of other top teams. Montyconnor, formally of Darksided, is joined by Addzey of Scylla Esports fame, and CJM a former teammate of Addzey with incredible mechanical skills. As the leftovers, they’re coming in with a lot to prove as individuals, but as a team they’re still finding their style, and once they do the other teams will need to watch out! In week 1, Love Decks took Chiefs to a game 5 overtime, showing great signs for the rest of the season.

Retirement Home (Daze ellusive Kia)

Having retired from play at the end of 2017, Kia and ellusive still felt they could use their individual skills to perform at the top of the region. They combined forces with Daze to make Retirement Home, and in the off-season proved that they’re a team that noone can ignore. They were able to take series and games off the best teams. Now they’re looking to take down as many teams as they can and see if they can scooter into the finals.

Legs are Silly (Plitz Sammy ZeN)

Formerly Legacy Esports, the tongue-in-cheek named Legs are Silly are the underdogs of the season. Having missed out on the off-season, these three have been putting in the hard yards to reach the top. They fell quickly to DarkSided and Legacy Esports in week 1, an understandable defeat, this week they get the chance to really show what they’ve got with a match against Retirement Home

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