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OCE Championship Playoff Scenarios

The last week of League Play begins tomorrow, and we’re so close to finding out the top 2 teams who will be going straight to the online top 4 finals, which are on April the 29th, and who will have to play an extra week in the Top 6 playoffs on the 22nd. While top 2 is important, in Oceania, 3rd and 4th place gives a huge advantage to teams, two lives in the upper bracket of the top 6 playoffs, while 5th and 6th will need to fight each other just for the chance to get into the qualifying match.

We’ll be going through, team by team, on what their chances are for the finals and playoffs.

Chiefs ESC - Drippay, Jake, Torsos

Chiefs have had a standout season, completely undefeated and only dropping 3 games throughout League Play. They will be grabbing first place, unless they manage to lose their series 0 - 3, and Legacy win both their series 3 - 0, which seems unfathomable

Legacy Esports - cyrix, Delusion, Siki

Legacy have had a fantastic season as well, and are in prime spot to take second place. They’re guaranteed top 4, but can secure top 2 by either winning both of their series, or winning one series and winning at least as many games as they lose across both series.

Tainted Minds - CJCJ, Julz, Kamii

A shaky start with a 0 - 3 loss to JAM Gaming has really hurt Tainted Minds, but they’re still guaranteed top 6. If they win a single series, they’ll secure top 4, and can sneak into top 2 if the dominoes fall in their favour by winning both their series, Dark Sided beating Legacy, and Chiefs beating Dark Sided.

Dark Sided - Dumbo, Express, shadey

Dark Sided are in a very similar position to Tainted Minds, having lost to Retirement Home 1 - 3 earlier in the series. They’re also guaranteed top 6, and can secure top 4 with a single series win, but can also find it with 3 single game wins, just 2 games if Legacy beat Tainted Minds. Their chances are slim for top 2, but they can rise to the top by beating Legacy 3 - 0 and Chiefs 3 - 1.

JAM Gaming - Bango, Decka, Walcott

After an impressive start, JAM Gaming took a loss to Love Decks, which will be haunting them tomorrow. They can’t make top 2, but to make top 6 they need to beat their opponents Retirement Home. They’ll be watching Love Decks’ series since 2 losses from them also means they make top 6. They’ll need to hope on positive tiebreakers if they want to make top 4.

Retirement Home - Daze, ellusive, Kia

A very similar season to JAM, with a win on Dark Sided, but a loss to Legs are Silly for Retirement Home. This has put them in the same situation. They make top 6 if they beat JAM, or if Love Decks lose both matches, but can potentially rise to top 4 with tiebreakers.

Love Decks - Addzey, CJM, Montyconnor

Love Decks have got into a position where their destiny might be out of their hands. They’ll make top 6 if they win both their series, but if they lose either one, it needs to be in game 5, or they’ll get into a tiebreaker with Retirement Home and JAM. It’ll take a miraculous performance and great tiebreakers against Tainted Minds for Love Decks to reach top 4.

Legs are Silly - Plitz, Sammy, ZeN

Legs are Silly are unfortunately knocked out of our top 6, but they’ll still be playing for the extra prize money that comes with 7th place. If they beat Love Decks, and Love Decks go on to lose to Tainted Minds, they earn an extra $250 USD.