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Navigating the OCE Championship Qualifiers

Just 16 teams left. One day of double elimination sent many teams packing, but the skillful few get their chance in the Group Stage Qualifier of the Rocket League OCE Championship. It was a nerve-wracking day, where one stagger can drop you out before you get the chance to play on the big stage. With both upsets and dominating performances, the teams were striving towards being the best teams in OCE, and taking a part of the $50,000 USD prize pool

Coming through the upper bracket of the open qualifiers, we saw outstanding performances from 4 teams, Tainted Minds, ORDER, Legacy Esports and Island dropping only 1 single game between them on their way to the group stage.

Team Game record Goal record AVG Goals/G
Tainted Minds 9 - 0 69 - 6 7.66
ORDER 9 - 0 47 - 4 5.22
Legacy Esports 9 - 1 47 - 17 4.7
Island 9 - 0 42 - 9 4.66

Down in the lower bracket, there were a couple of surprises. #18 seed Da Girlz took the game 5 upset against #12 Maelstrom, and in an incredible run, #44 seed Le Bois took down #15 JAM Light to secure their spot.

16 Teams are going into this Sunday’s Group Qualifier, Chiefs have already skipped through to League Play, and there are 7 more spots available. 4 will be decided tomorrow as the top 2 from each group will go straight into League play, while another 4 teams from each will be given a last chance to earn their spot in the play-ins.

It looks like Group 1 is the group of death, with so many solid teams, close to the top, battling alongside Tainted Minds. However, while pool 2 looks more spread on paper, ORDER and Legacy Esports feel like the big bosses who you need to beat to take one of the top 2 spots and the straight run through to League Play.

Tomorrow we look forward to finding the winner of old rivals, ORDER vs Legacy, Justice Esports vs Team CryptiK, where Cryptik have a chance for revenge after Justice took an upset win to qualify in the upper bracket, and the battle between Chimpwits, Downloadable Content, Pneumonoultra, and the rest of the solid teams in group 1.

Group Qualifiers begins this Sunday at 12PM AEST, make sure you follow Throwdown Esports on Twitter to keep up to date with results.