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Meet the Teams: Tainted Minds

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaintedOrg

Tainted Minds are looking to pave their way to Las Vegas, and have the skills and experience to back it up. Forming as two parts of the Dark Sided roster, and one part of last season’s Tainted Minds, all three members have played competitively since the beginning of OCE Rocket League history. Shadey and Express were 1 match away from RLCS the last two seasons, and they’re hungry to join CJCJ on the international stage.

Despite a shakey loss to Ground Zero in the group qualifier, they’re one of the favourites to make the RLCS World Championship, and we can expect great things from them this season.

Series Record: 6 - 1 | Goal Record: 80 - 56
League Play Placement: 2nd
Playstyle: In your face, fast, and aggressive. Tainted Minds have quick, creative passes and back each other for every single touch.


Bringing the charm and charisma to OCE Rocket League, CJCJ returns from RLCS in London, after making a name for himself driving a red toy car into the arena, and winning the hearts of the crowd. While he suffered a defeat in his first RLCS, falling short of qualifying for League Play, he managed go straight to the World Championship the next two times, and will be looking to make it three in a row.

Twitter: @CJCJ_RL
Previous Achievements: Season 4: 2nd, 9th World Championship, Season 5: 2nd, 9th World Championship
From: Tasmania, Australia

Name: Cameron            Hobby: Football, punting, and hanging out with friends/family.
Age: 20               Catchphrase: "I’m Pre-jumping"
Began Competing: late 2015     Likes teammates because: They always manage to hit the crossbar so I can score goals.


Express has been a long standing staple in the OCE region with an RLCS qualification under his belt. Always been considered by at least some as a top player, and forever striving to be the best player in the region. Despite his experience, he fell short in both the upper and lower qualifying matches in the last two seasons. Is this his time to return after 1.5 years?

Twitter: @ExpressRL_
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 2nd, 9th World Championship, Season 5: 3rd, Season 6: 3rd
From: South Australia, Australia

Name: Jonathan            Hobby: Sports, Basketball, AFL, F1, Cricket.
Age: 20               Catchphrase: "My bad"
Began Competing: Late 2015     Playstyle: Supporting teammates, solid gameplay, and one-two passes.


shadey displays his passion for the game both on and off the pitch having created the RL6Mans discord, which is famously used around the globe. Consistently being in the top 4, he joined Express for both of his last two RLCS attempts, and is still yet to reach international stage.

Twitter: @shadeyRL
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 4th, Season 5: 3rd, Season 6: 3rd
From: Queensland, Australia

Name: Nathan            Hobby: Basketball, Web Development
Age: 19               Catchphrase: "OCE RL LUL"
Began Competing: Late 2015     Biggest Rival: The Chiefs