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Meet the Teams: SYF Gaming

As the final days of sign ups ticked down, SYF Gaming scrambled together to form after each member was left looking before the season started. Most notably, after almost getting the season MVP award, Delusion was dropped from Legacy and had to find new teammates. Decka was replaced on now Avant Gaming, and Requiem was no more than a sub for the Chiefs.

The free spirits and fun loving attitude of each of these players has led them to quick cohesion, and this scrappy team of lovable players have been putting in the hours. Can they achieve their dreams of getting into the top 4 of OCE, or did they form too late?

Series Record: 4 - 3 | Goal Record: 64 - 75
League Play Placement: 3rd
Playstyle: Structured, spread rotation, with aggressive dunks in offense aimed at catching opponents off guard and building pressure.


Making his debut last season under JAM, Decka did not seem up to the task against the heavy hitters from the top 4 teams in OCE. But that only motivated him harder, as he's been on the grind, putting in 100 hours per fortnight to be ready for League Play. It's plain to see the improvement as he hopes to enter the top 4 finals.

Twitter: @DeckaaRL
Previous Achievements: Season 5: 6th
From: Victoria, Australia

Name: Alex            Hobby: Basketball.
Age: 19             Catchphrase: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when you drop Daze from your team”
Began Competing: Jan 2018    Biggest Rival: Yeatzy, from Justice Esports, because he tries to tell me I’m the anchor of my team, which is probably true, but I will prove him wrong.


Dropped from the Legacy Esports roster after his first season, delusion was a big part of their second place in League Play, but also struggled when the weight of the finals were on them. He's got everything to prove, as now he has the chance to take down his old team, and show that he is still a top performer.

Twitter: @delusionRL
Previous Achievements: Season 5: 4th
From: South Australia, Australia

Name: Aiden            Hobbies: Piano, Boundary Umpiring (AFL), reading, going to the gym.
Age: 17             Catchphrase: “I’m Pinching”
Began Competing: Late 2016     Rocket League Goal: Making Top 4 and exceeding everyone's expectations of us is the goal :D


"Billy" as he's called is a much loved, fan favourite of OCE. He's been constantly working to become the best player he can over the last year and half, but hadn't found the team that fit his unique, unpredictable playstyle yet. While being sub for Chiefs last season, he was anxious to get some pitch time, and his excitement for the game has been almost palpable, as he's racked up 250 hours over the past month.

Twitter: @RequieumOCE
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 8th
From: Queensland, Australia

Name: Billy             Hobbies: Knitting and medical studies.
Age: 18              Catchphrase: “Zoinks/Jinkies”
Began Competing: mid 2016    Likes his team because of: “Decka's singing and Delusion's motivational speaking”