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Meet the Teams: ORDER

Leftover from their rosters, Dumbo, Julz and ZeN formed a team that could shake the top of OCE. While their ex-teammates forge their own path, this unlikely trio has found a way to combine the veterancy of Dumbo, international experience of Julz and surprise mechanical plays from ZeN.

Can the rag tag trio from previous top teams come together to form a cohesive unit in time to take down the likes of Chiefs?

Series Record: 4 - 3 | Goal Record: 74 - 61
League Play Placement: 4th
Playstyle: Aggressive, pressure based attack, with unpredictable plays to open the net by ZeN


Noone has fallen just short of the World Championship as many times as Dumbo. He's been involved in 4 qualifying matches over 3 seasons, and three of those were game 7s. He's fallen to misfortune in RLCS Season 4, but he's never let go of his dream of going overseas. Perhaps the most veteran player of the region, and certainly with the most hours (6,900), Dumbo lives for Rocket League, and will once again be attempting to make it.

Twitter: @DumboRL
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 3rd, Season 4: 4th, Season 5: 3rd
From: Western Australia, Australia

Name: Phillip           Hobbies: Soccer, Cricket, Gaming.
Age: 22               Catchphrase: “Sorry”
Began Competing: late 2015     Rocket League Goal: Stick with a team for more than 1 season.


Julz comes back from a heavy defeat to Team Envy at the last World Championship with a new team and new hopes for returning. His pace, aerial ability and backboards can be incredible on his best days, but his confidence is key when it comes to his performance. With the new roster he has the chance to flourish into one of OCE's best, but they have to be able to string it together as a team.

Twitter: @julz_rl
Previous Achievements: Season 5: 2nd
From: New South Wales, Australia

Name: Thomas           Hobbies: Piano and Tennis.
Age: 18               Catchphrase: “Oh well”
Began Competing: Early 2016      Biggest Rivals: CJCJ and Kamii, as they are ex-teammates.


As the resident flashy player of the region, ZeN combines a slurry of different mechanics with his keyboard and mouse to attempt to outplay his opponents. Having come from the 7th placed Legs are Silly roster last season, he was picked up by a top 4 hopeful team in ORDER, and has really felt the nerves of the expectations on him and his team. When he can keep them under wraps he's able to strike the net from anywhere.

Twitter: @ZeN_OCE
Previous Achievements: Season 4: 7th, Season 5: 7th
From: New South Wales, Australia

Name: Aidan              Hobbies: Studying (High School) and Socialising
Age: 16               Catchphrase: “EZ Clap”
Began Competing: Dec 2016       Likes his team because: I really like the positive environment Julz and Dumbo create, even whilst I'm messing up they will always back me up and help with improving. I also love their motivation and drive to make it to the top.