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Meet the Teams: Legacy Esports

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LegacyOCE

With a power heritage, coming second in last League Play and falling at the final hurdle, Legacy Esports are looking to reclaim their ticket to the World Championship. The core of captain cyrix and striker Siki opted to replace Delusion with the veteran Daze. There have been questions about whether the decision will pay off for them, but the roll of the dice could be just what Legacy needs.

Legacy will be looking to play under the intense pressure of the top 4 finals this season, and take out their opposition on the way to Las Vegas.

Series Record: 2 - 5 | Goal Record: 49 - 62
League Play Placement: 7th
Playstyle: Defensive play, with defensive passes, midfield clears and quick counter attacks.


Cyrix's story is one of perserverance. Coming top of every season, and leading multiple teams to great successful, but never quite reaching his goals. Last season was another big heartbreak for cyrix as Legacy were the favourites to qualify alongside Chiefs for the World Championship, but they weren't able to string it together when the big day came.

Twitter: @simplycyrix
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 4th, Season 4: 6th, Season 5: 4th
From: New South Wales, Australia

Name: Nathan            Hobbies: Football (Soccer), Gaming.
Age: 23               Catchphrase: “WHY IS HE THERE?”
Began Competing: late 2015     Biggest rivals: His own team mates.


This season marks the big break for Daze, as he gets the opportunity to play on a top 4 team. The last time he was in this position was over a year ago with Corvidae, but now it means so much more as he gets his chance to try for RLCS with last season's number 2 League Play performers. Daze has a lot of trust and respect for his teammates, as he looks to improve, and fill the shoes that delusion left.

Twitter: @Daze_RL
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 8th, Season 5: 5th
From: Western Australia, Australia

Name: Michael             Hobby: Soccer
Age: 17                Catchphrase: “How can people say the Earth isn't flat when Decka just tilted off of it”
Began Competing: Oct 2016       Fun Fact: 7 feet, 5 inches tall.


At many moments through OCE history, Siki has been a player in consideration for being at the top, but has never been able to keep his gameplay together for long enough to truly join those ranks. Standing by cyrix for over a year now, he's trying to replicate the success of the top players around the world, and may just be what Legacy needs to go international this season.

Twitter: @SikiRL_
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 8th, Season 4: 6th, Season 5: 4th
From: New South Wales, Australia

Name: Chris            Hobby: Soccer
Age: 19               Catchphrase: “Yeah righto”
Began Competing: Early 2016      Rocket League Goals: Qualify for RLCS, beat an NA and an EU team, become a top 5 OCE player.