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Meet the Teams: Justice Esports

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Justice_ESC

They’ve performed well in the bubble leagues, but now it’s time for Justice Esports to prove themselves on the biggest stage of all. As the only team with three complete rookies, they’ll have to hold out against the more experienced players. While Yeatzy has been climbing the ranks for the past few seasons, SSteve and Whiss only just turned 15, and thus qualified for League Play in their first eligible season, and making them the youngest team in the OCE Championship by far.

With strong mechanics, and motivation, Justice Esports will be striving to show that they are a true force in the region.

Series Record: 3 - 4 | Goal Record: 51 - 61
League Play Placement: 5th
Playstyle: Hyper aggressive, fast plays, with infield passing once their opponents begin to back off.


It's been a long time waiting for SSteve. One of the strong mechanical players in the region, he's not been able to participate due to his age. Though he did have a brief stint during Season 3, where his substitution was a strong factor in a strong Corvidae performance. Now that he's in the spotlight, it's time to truly see if he can perform when it matters.

Twitter: @SSteveRL
Previous Achievements: Rookie
From: New South Wales, Australia

Name: Steve            Hobbies: Maths, Science, Piano, Adventure Games.
Age: 15              Catchphrase: “I’m chasing”
Began Competing: Jul 2016      Biggest Strength: “I can hit ball sometimes very good.”


As the other youngest player in League Play, Whiss has made an immediate impact. With a huge performance in the play-ins, he was a principle factor in qualifying Justice Esports, and will be crucial to the success of the team. He combines a fast playstyle with accurate striking to be a deadly goal scorer.

Twitter: @whisss_
Previous Achievements: Rookie
From: New South Wales, Australia

Name: Jack              Hobby: Sports
Age: 15              Catchphrase: “I’m Express-ing”
Began Competing: Late 2017    Biggest Rival: Decka, from SYF Gaming.


At 19 years old, Yeatzy is the oldest of the team, but he's still inexperienced at the top. Slowly rising over the last year, he's starting to find his success, and as the third man in Justice's rotation, he's important to preventing them from overcomitting on attack.

Twitter: @yeatzy_
Previous Achievements: Rookie
From: New South Wales, Australia

Name: Isaac            Hobbies: Music, anime, Video Games.
Age: 19              Catchphrase: “Hey man, I’m backpost”
Began Competing: Feb 2017     Likes his team because: They always clutch up and carry me.