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Meet the Teams: Ground Zero Gaming

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GroundZeroOCE

Entering the OCE Championship arena with a bang, Ground Zero overcame the odds to qualify first in their group after scoring an impressive victory over Tainted Minds. These high potential individuals come as the hopefuls of this season. With experienced players in CJM and Walcott, both receiving a 5th place in previous seasons. Lim, while the newest player into competitive Rocket League, has caught the eyes of the OCE community, and stands to be one of the top players this season.

With a chance of entering the top 4, and forging their path towards the RLCS World Championship, will Ground Zero be able to take down the old guard, or will they crumble under the pressure?

Series Record: 2 - 5 | Goal Record: 57 - 60
League Play Placement: 6th
Playstyle: Fast, pressure based play with bumps from Walcott to open the net.


A perrenial of OCE League Play, CJM has yet to find his way into the top 4. Known for his aggressive gameplay, and his penchant for roof and wall shots, he tries to catch his opposition off guard with his unpredictable plays.

Twitter: @CJM_RL
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 5th, Season 5: 8th
From: South Island, New Zealand

Name: Cameron            Hobby: Soccer/Football
Age: 18               Catchphrase: “Nice dude”
Began Competing: Jun 2016       Biggest Rival: ZeN, used to be on a team together.


Lim has started competing only recently, and has been one of the most improved players across the year making a name for himself with standout performances in recent times. As a player with high potential, he's got the chance to show his skills to the world through the OCE Championship.

Twitter: @LimRL_
Previous Achievements: Rookie
From: Victoria, Australia

Name: Liam              Hobby: Sports
Age: 19               Catchphrase: None
Began Competing: Feb 2018     Likes GZ because: Good environment, and CJM provides the wool.


In 2017, Walcott found a meteoric rise from ranked into the competitive scene, turning heads with a surprise 5th place with Conspiracy Esports, where he was the standout performer. While the beginning of 2018 didn't yield the results he was looking for, CJM and Lim look to be the team to help him reach the top.

Twitter: @walcottspace
Previous Achievements: Season 4: 5th, Season 5: 6th
From: Victoria, Australia

Name: Daniel            Hobby: Futsal
Age: 21              Catchphrase: "Despacito"
Began Competing: Early 2016     Enemies with: Decka from Chimpwits