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Meet the Teams: Avant Gaming

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AvantGaming

Two former teammates have reunited to try and take on the best of OCE. SnarfSnarf and Bango sprung out of nowhere together in 2016, and were able to dominate the competition during that time. The rookie Vive comes in with almost no experience, and it will be up to him to match the pace of the competition quickly, or fall by the wayside.

After Avant Gaming came rose up from 6th in the group qualifier, to taking the last spot in the Play-in, they need to continue to rise through League Play. Can they recapture the glory of the old days?

Series Record: 1 - 6 | Goal Record: 44 - 79
League Play Placement: 8th
Playstyle: Avant look to play a very structured playstyle, with wide passes. They prefer to slow down the pace of the game and force their opponents to adapt. They often score goals with unexpected bumps in attack.


As one of the previous champions of Rocket League, Bango left a slew of teams in his wake across 2016. When 2017 rolled around, and OCE joined RLCS, he was amongst the first players to qualify. While studies got in the way in past seasons, he's come back and is working harder than ever to regain his previous title.

Twitter: @Bango_RL
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 2nd, Season 5: 6th
From: South Australia, Australia

Name: Michael            Hobby: University.
Age: 19                Catchphrase: “Yeet”
Began Competing: Early 2016     Likes teammates because: They carry me.


Joining Bango as a top player in 2016, SnarfSnarf is constantly thinking of ways to improve the team and work towards the top of OCE. He retired at the end of last year, and took the last season off. In season 3, he was 1 goal away from qualifying in the upper bracket for the World Championship, falling in game 7 overtime to the Chiefs, and now that he's back, he'll be looking for revenge.

Twitter: @SnarfSnarfRL
Previous Achievements: Season 3: 3rd, Season 4: 4th
From: Queensland, Australia

Name: Craig              Hobby: None
Age: 22                Catchphrase: “Yeet”
Began Competing: Early 2016     Fun Fact: Has retired more time than any other OCE player.


The biggest unknown in League Play. Vive has not been seen or tested amongst the top 8 before, and so this is his chance to establish himself this season and for seasons to come. While having competed before under teams outside the bubble, this is the chance for him to learn and grow from two veterans of the scene.

Twitter: @Vive_RL
Previous Achievements: Rookie
From: Victoria, Australia

Name: Sean             Hobby: Going to the gym so that I’m not such a heavy anchor
Age: 21               Catchphrase: “Yeet”
Began Competing: Dec 2017     Is good at Rocket League because: “I’m a Rank A gamer”