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Legs are Silly put one foot forward into League Play

Oceania is heading into a fierce 5 weeks of League Play after a brutal set of Open Qualifiers. With tight matches, and great performances we managed to find 8 teams to do the region proud and compete for the top. While those teams that didn’t make it will need to wait for another chance later this year, Chiefs and Tainted Minds have been joined by Legacy Esports, Dark Sided, JAM Gaming, Love Decks, Retirement Home and Legs are Silly.

If you’ve been following the Oceanic region, you’ll notice one name that stands out from the others. Legs are Silly are the only team who were not part of the previous season, the OCE Open Series. They fell short in those qualifiers by one match, coming 9th place and bowing out, but have resurged to join the pantheon of elite teams competing for the RLCS World Championship berth.

We had a chance to talk with the Legs are Silly players, led by team captain Plitz, with ZeN and newcomer Sammy, filling out the rest of the roster. They’re a team of aggressive players, who value high risk plays. ZeN and Plitz are typically seen up the pitch, looking for long passes and redirects, and Sammy has fit in well in the Qualifiers, playing the third man position. And we dare say they have one of the best logos around!

Legs are Silly


Legs are Silly are confident in their ability to perform at the highest level. “This season we're aiming to really bring it to the other teams” said Plitz. “Scrim results have been positive and we've created a playstyle that suits all of us, combined with Zen and I's long history playing together and ability to read each other, we're looking to go all the way this season”. They’ve got a long road ahead, with the strongest set of teams to date at the top of the OCE scene, but the trio have a great base of strong mechanical play.

Plitz - Melbourne, Victoria

Having qualified for the OCE Championship in all 3 seasons, Plitz is the most experienced member of the roster, so it’s only fitting that he has taken on the leadership role of the team. While never reaching the top 4 in Throwdown Leagues, Plitz has managed to take 2nd place in an array of major tournaments since the later half of 2016. On playing with ZeN he said “I've been playing with ZeN for about 8 months now and we've built up a really strong synergy. While our playstyles don't quite match up, we can basically read anything the other person does, keeping one step ahead of the opposing team.“

Sammy - Adelaide, South Australia

Sammy is the only player this season to have never been in a Throwdown League Play before. As a rookie to the region, and to his team, he’s had to come up to speed very quickly, managing to balance the aggressive playstyle of his teammates with great midfield rotations. Sammy was an unexpected addition to the roster, “I was kinda surprised when ZeN and Plitz wanted to trial me, but I obliged because I thought it could lead to greater opportunities for my career in Rocket League.” Now he’s in a position where he could take down some fan favourite teams. In the first week, he has to verse his old teammate, Delusion, who has soared to the top of the region with the Legacy Esports roster. “Delusion has always been a solid player, but really came to the top just before leaving my previous team. I'm excited to play him and show him that he was wrong to leave me”.

ZeN - Adelaide, South Australia

Completing the roster is a player that many have had their eyes on as a firework player in the region. Willing to take huge risks, and showing the ability to make montage plays on a regular basis, the question for Zen will come down to the consistency. “Ever since our 7th placement in last years League play, I've been trying to find how to gel better with my teammates. With the introduction of 6mans, I've been playing them a lot in Rank S with varying combinations of teams.” Zen is putting in the work required to reach the pinnacle of play. “With the amount of time that has passed, I think it's safe to say that I have solved my previous issues and can play at my peak performance alongside my teammates.”

“Legs are Silly? WE'RE GOING ALL THE WAY BABY!!” ZeN exclaimed, cheekily, to us.


The top 8 teams from Oceania will be competing in League Play this Sunday 11AM AEDT (Sat 5PM PDT). You can watch Legs are Silly as they take to the pitch against Dark Sided and Legacy Esports in matches 3 and 4 of the day, live on http://twitch.tv/ThrowdownTV

Full schedule for 5 weeks of play can be found on the schedule tab of the Rocket League OCE Championship Webpage