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League Play is about to begin - Find out OCE's Schedule

OCE is on the verge of League Play. After the biggest shuffle in Rocket League history, we couldn’t be more excited to watch this season unfold. There are questions around every single team, and for the first time, we really don’t know who is going to make the top 4.

This past Sunday, in front of almost half a million total viewers across the broadcast, three teams emerged from the pack to take the last spots in League Play. Justice Esports had to tough it out with two matches going to game 5, and Chimpwits only managed to do it in one less. Island made the lower bracket run, and held out after a poor performance in groups to bring it back when it counted.

League Play is packed, and with so many vying for the top, every week is going to have high stakes matches.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
DLC vs Chiefs Island vs Justice Tainted vs Island ORDER vs Chimpwits Island vs Chiefs
Legacy vs Chiefs Tainted vs Justice DLC vs ORDER Island vs Chimpwits Tainted vs Chiefs
Legacy vs Island Tainted vs DLC Justice vs Legacy Island vs DLC Tainted vs ORDER
ORDER vs Island Chimpwits vs DLC Chimpwits vs Chiefs Justice vs DLC Legacy vs ORDER
ORDER vs Justice Chimpwits vs Legacy Justice vs Chiefs Legacy vs DLC
Tainted vs Chimpwits Chiefs vs ORDER Legacy vs Tainted Minds Justice vs Chimpwits

While Chiefs still sit at the top of the pecking order, the addition of Kamii raises the question of how they’ll perform. Can they match their last season’s undefeated performance? There are four teams biting at their ankles, coming out on top of the Group Stage. We’ve seen the Tainted Minds, ORDER and Legacy Esports players before, but the exciting new addition has been Downloadable Content (DLC), who surprisingly took the top of their group over Tainted Minds.

Even the teams coming through Play-ins have all the chance of making top 4. Justice Esports took down Legacy Esports in the group qualifier, even if they struggled the rest of their day, it shows how much upset potential they have. Chimpwits have been on the grind harder than anyone else, with Requiem and Decka each having over 100 hours of practice in the past 2 weeks, and it’s those kind of teams that can make a quick rise. Island will be relying on the experience of Bango and SnarfSnarf, the former being an RLCS Season 3 World Championship player.

This weekend, some big matches to start off. How will the new Chiefs fair in tough matchups against Downloadable Content and Legacy Esports? Will Order be as dominant as they were in their group stage, and can fan favourites Chimpwits take down the high expectations of Tainted Minds?

Find out Sunday, 10AM AEST (Sat 5PM PST) on Twitch