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Join the largest grassroots esports community in Oceania. Throwdown Esports has been running community centric leagues since the beginning of 2017. This year we’re bringing them to you more frequently and with larger prize pools.

Rocket League

For new entrants to esports, and players who are looking to go professional, there needs to be a path to the top. The weekly $150 Throwdown Cup is a competition open to all players outside of the professional division and gives players the chance to compete in a low pressure environment.

Experience competitive gaming for the first time.

Each month, the stakes will rise with a $300 Final, a live broadcast, and high stakes elimination matches.
Throwdown Cup Next Date Time Signup Prize
Weekly February 21st 7PM AEDT $150
Final March 14th 7PM AEDT Qualify through weekly cup $300

Get your team together, sign up, and enter the world of Rocket League Esports.

Tune in for the next monthly Throwdown Rocket League Cup Final broadcast live on Twitch TV

Official Rules

League of Legends

For the competitive soul in the casual world, we’re continuing the tradition of monthly League of Legends Throwdown Cups in 2018 with an increased prize pool. This fun, low-pressure monthly cup is your chance to compete and take your game to the next level. Get your friends together and make a team, or sign up as a Free Agent and meet some new people!

Players will compete for a total Prize Pool of $300 in a Swiss style bracket. The more wins you get, the better the teams you verse. After the 5 rounds of Swiss, we will have our top 3 teams.

Gather your mates and sign up for the next cup

Throwdown Cup Next Date Time Signup Prize
Monthly February 15th 6PM AEDT $300

Watch some of the best players in OCE!

Rocket League

OCE Open Series

With the Rocket League Championship Series(RLCS) fast approaching, it's time for OCE to get prepared to face the challenge of international competition. The OCE Open Series provides Pro and Semi-Pro teams a chance to compete and practice in a short form competition. There will be a $15,000 prize pool, shared amongst all 8 teams who qualify for the season. Who will join Chiefs ESC, Tainted Minds and Dark Sided on the way to the finals? Find out on Sunday, February 4th at 12PM when the Open Qualifier begins.

OCE Championship

The RLCS World Championship is beginning, and the path to international fame and glory is through the Throwdown Rocket League OCE Championship. Only 2 teams will qualify for the World Championship, and participate in the whopping $500,000 USD prize pool.

Sign ups will open Sunday Feb 4th, so get your team ready, start training and get ready to take on the world.

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