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Chiefs Player Profiles

Chiefs ESC have had an outstanding seasons, breaking records all the way, most notably becoming the first and only team to go for an entire season undefeated. They’ll be looking to take their firepower to London for the RLCS World Championship stage.


We had each of the players fill out a small profile about themselves and each other, check out the answers!


Matthew “Drippay” Den-Kaat

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Age: 18
Started Playing Rocket League: August 2015
Hobbies/Interests: Football (Soccer), Snowboarding, Volleyball
Favourite Food: Sushi
Fun fact about Drippay: I am Scottish

Rocket League Goal: My goal coming into RLCS is to do better than the last and show improvement. Also hopefully making day 3!

Strength as a team: Our strengths as a team are that we know each other inside and out because we have played with each other for so long now, also our playstyles gel so nicely as a team.

Strength as a player: Consistency, Shooting, Hype, hit’s phat EU clears, is the tag team.

How far do you predict you’ll go this World Championship: Our goal this World Championship is to make the third day and I think that is very possible.

Jake “Jake” Edwards

Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 20
Started Playing Rocket League: December 2015
Hobbies/Interests: Rocket League and esports lol
Favourite Food: not sure

Rocket League Goal: (He just said "what?")

Strength as a team: We’ve been together ages

Strength as a Player: “Consistent boi, is a robot, defensive m o n s t e r” - Torsos

How far do you predict you’ll go this World Championship: Pretty far

Daniel “Torsos” Parsons

Location: Australia
Age: 12
Started Playing Rocket League: February 2016
Hobbies/Interests: Kpop and other video james
Favourite Food: Water if I had to choose
Fun fact about you: Most toxic player OCE

Rocket League Goal: Win

Strength as a team: Has drippay, performs best while 1 goal up with <10s left, wide repertoire of gaming to score, generally solid I guess?

Strength as a player: Can complain about anything, misses open nets from anywhere on the pitch, random solo goals, scores cool goals.

How far do you predict you’ll go this World Championship: 5th or better hopefully

The Chiefs will be live over on https://www.twitch.tv/RocketLeague on June 9th Midnight AEST for their first game against Evil Geniuses!